Vegan Moni is a community-based Chef, Social Worker, and cancer advocate whose mission is to empower people through cooking and storytelling. She is a Boyle Heights native and an artist who teaches cooking classes and leads storytelling workshops in her community to demonstrate how these modules have contributed to her healing.
Moni is an avid vegan cook, a lover of her community and an advocate for healing through the arts. Her passion has been influenced by her own personal journey with food, health and self care. 8 years ago, her journey with cancer began and through trauma and heartache, Vegan Moni was born. Through this process, food and storytelling have played a very important role in her road to recovery and have changed her life completely. The lack of dignified food and resources for those battling trauma in the desert community of Boyle Heights, has made her passionate about finding healthier options for self healing. She has luckily been able to incorporate her passion for cooking and storytelling with her love of the teaching community.